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vision and knowledge as well as six aspects of daily

 homeschooled children with other peers will be a normal school life artificially new balance 576 online separated, limiting their peers with more normal contacts, to some extent, give her children the psychological barrier and affect their early socialization. »Report » revealed in a study on the effectiveness of homeschooling assessment questionnaire designers will be divided into learning mathematics and computing capabilities, text and writing skills, verbal skills, and people skills, vision and knowledge as well as six aspects of daily living.The assessment of the capacity according to the average score, sorted in descending order the following results: vision and knowledge capability (M = 4.30)> verbal ability (M = 4.18)> text and writing skills (M = 4.05 )> Mathematics and computing capability (M = 3.98)> with people skills (M = 3.96).Obviously, people skills are the parents of these children is considered the weakest of the « short board. » Quite interesting is that these problems highlight the unique nation with China also has great relevance. »America’s

 home school and China are different, which is particularly easy to be ignored, because the family planning policy, China’s children per family are extremely rare, usually only one, but many American households have three or four kids, and even more You can have seven or eight. « Zhang Qiaofeng said.Zhang Qiaofeng is a homeschooled child’s father, and later founded a personally accepted homeschooled child’s private school. Zhang Qiaofeng specifically compared the two stages of their child before and after the change, nike air max tr 180 trainers online since the discovery came a few companions, his children become happier, and in the interpersonal aspects there are no small improvement. »I think home school does have some flaws, but we should not put a thing described as perfect, only recognize his shortcomings, you go to overcome in order to really solve the problem. » Zhang Qiaofeng frankly.Domestic Homeschooling develop another major obstacles articulation problems.Statistics show that China’s homeschooled children, most aged

 between 4-10 years old (60.42%), of which 6-year-olds up to (12.18%), 17-year-olds at least (0.51%). Mainly in the primary stage of the child, and less at the beginning of high school.Since no complete compulsory education, when they are going to want to participate in the exam, college entrance examination, the question arises, school incomplete cause new balance 420 uk sale  these kids do not apply for qualification. Therefore, the « home school » often submit their applications in advance, through the « back door » in the public schools to retain a student record for future burn any bridges.Nearly two years, with study abroad become a craze, there are more and more people will be « foreign entrance » as a new way forward.Xu Enron is currently preparing the United States the SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test short, the Chinese name « Scholastic Assessment Test », is the world elite American high school

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