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this expenditure alone is not a small number

students learning and scholarship applications an important reference.) nike air max 95 360 sale And a variety of application materials, her goal the United States at several schools. Yang Peng’s son is also preparing to take the exam, because when reading the classic Western « Bible » took a lot of interest, he wanted to apply for Harvard Divinity School. The « report » in the survey also shows that, for high school kids going, there are 35.75% of the parents chose the « study abroad » on top.However, the choice to participate in ocean entrance, was quite well-off families have the economic base for support.In the SAT, for example, does not currently test sites in mainland China, if you want to reference, you need a special trip to Hong Kong and Taiwan or South Korea, Singapore and other countries, this expenditure alone is not a small number. In addition, American University undergraduate scholarships

given to students studying overseas is limited, such as studying at their own expense, a four-year undergraduate tuition plus living expenses total to nearly one million yuan, far from ordinary working families can afford. »China can not participate in college entrance examination, can not afford to participate in college entrance examination ocean, think about the future child’s future, and sometimes really feel a little embarrassed. » One homeschooled child’s mother exclaimed.Make the domestic Homeschooling parents are concerned nike air max lunar cheap about, as well as the legalization issue.At present, China’s compulsory education is mandatory requirement for admission. Article XI of the existing compulsory education law clearly states: who have reached the age of six children, their parents or other legal guardians should send their entry to and complete compulsory education; school-age children and adolescents due to health requires delay or drop out of school , their parents or other legal guardians should submit an application by

the local township people’s government or educational administrative departments at the county level people’s government for approval.The implementation of « home school » parents or guardians, on the one hand did not let the children of school age or ward admission time, while also not been approved by the local People’s Government.So, in a sense, the domestic home school does not clearly support the law, walking a gray area, the legalization issue has become hanging over their head the sword of Damocles. nike air max 90 hyperfuse uk In 2006, he burst out, « Meng Mu Tang » event is the instance. Shanghai Education Commission banned a family education carried out at the local private school, « Meng Mu Tong », government departments come up with a legal basis for the private school is that this violation of the « Compulsory Education Law », « Private Education Promotion Law » the relevant provisions, is

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