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then how can a high income Its logic itself is not


requirements, Taiwan’s education stand it authorities can only open a previously closed nike air max 1 sale gate door.In 2004, Taiwan’s legislature revised the « National Education Act, » provides for national education stage can handle « non-school forms of experimental education. » But education authorities to take contradictory down approach, the specific regulatory responsibilities to the various counties and cities in Taiwan.So, there was a time in Taiwan, trying Homeschooling parents encounter because of differences in residence different regulatory, and even today it seems inevitable that some provisions ridiculous.Taichung County, local requirements for home schooling parents must be full-time at home, but also stressed that parents’ income, to reach more than NT $ 30,000 per month are allowed. « You can not go to work, but if you do not work, then how can a high income  Its logic itself is not set up well, in fact, want you to quit. » Chen Yiguang said with a smile.The Taitung City is required during class time students can not leave the house, that is, in accordance

 with the schedule of public schools, from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm, home-schooled children can not leave home half step.In 2007, the first batch of Taiwan homeschooled child has experienced a decade of learning stage, and found himself facing a new bottlenecks and challenges – no way to college.The situation is very similar with the mainland, because the official rigorous new balance 574 women academic management system, which is no formal school enrollment, educated child can not participate in university admissions exams. If they want to go on the island of universities, only through examination equivalent way.However, the problem again, Taiwan’s compulsory « voluntary » military service, mandatory for each young man (for health reasons or be sentenced to seven years in prison except), at the age of 18 or after graduation, must serve 2-3 years in military service. »

Equivalent examination requirements you must at least 20 years old to participate, the results of these homeschooled children 18 years of age when there is no qualifying examination, you have to go to the army, » Chen Yiguang said, « When two or three years After returning soldiers read, and so after graduating from college age, are great, very embarrassing situation. « With the island Homeschooling movement to grow, more and more parents realize, as it involves a more substantial revision of legal policy, mens new balance 373 trainers must take the form of organization to communicate with government authorities negotiate in order to gain a wider range protect the interests of the community.Thus, in 2008, one entitled « Security Education Option Union » social groups emerged, Chen Yiguang become chief convener. Purpose of the Union is to serve home-schooling parents and children, and promote


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