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the United Kingdom permanently settled Chen Yiguang


« Illegal educational institution » ordered to stop. »We have more than one child, in order to solve this problem, China’s home on academics often went to the home school, mini-schools, it is necessary to face a real problem, because you are a school, just like the current conflict with the administration greater. « Yang Dongping said.Taiwan experience: officials and the public to nike air max 95 sale  promote the legalization of interactionTalked about how to protect the interests of groups of homeschooled long with a national character face and spoke leisurely Taiwanese Chen Yiguang have a lot to say, because he is a witness to the development of Taiwan homeschooled and witnesses, and played a important policy « Pushing Hands » role.As Taiwan’s « Security Education Option Union » convener, where he and his organization in the past decade continue to promote the legalization of home schooling. »My wife is Polish, we have two children, are their own at home to teach them. » Chen Yiguang said. In the United States, the United Kingdom permanently settled Chen Yiguang returned

to Taiwan in 2002, found no teaching Polish kindergarten, in order to maintain multicultural identity, he and his wife decided to stay at home self-study children from the United Kingdom had been a kindergarten teacher wife Wei Duoli to full-time education of their children, teach them Polish, English and Chinese, this teaching is more than a decade.And Chen Yiguang returned after a few years, to coincide with the island’s turbulent home school movement, including Chen Yiguang including home school groups in Taiwan nike air max 2013 cheap has undergone a process of ups and downs rather.May 1997, in southern Taiwan from some parents decide to send their children a local public schools away, using their own way homeschooled education. Almost the same time, the four parents Taipei Taipei Education explicitly proposed to apply to carry out home schooling for their children. »These two things, at the time caused great debate, we are talking about, in the final analysis there is no parental school choice. » Chen Yiguang memories.Forced by the

pressure of public opinion, the Taipei City government subsequently nike air max 90 womens shoes issued a program called « elementary school students apply for home schooling pilot point » document, be taken, « the official China Interactive » to promote home school co-operative first step.But the pilot of some specific policies and regulations will reflect the policy makers of the « cautious. » For example, the document clearly stipulates that home schooling is only open from the first grade to fifth grade children. »Why  Because it is hoped that these kids to the sixth grade to go back to school to complete one of their public education diplomas issued to them good. » Chen Yiguang said.Although this step is to go quivering, but the pilot Taipei is undoubtedly played a « demonstration effect », then, all over Taiwan Homeschooling caught the competent authorities have put forward various legalization

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