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Chen Yiguang said with a smile

government policy changes. »We began to talk education authorities seek to amend this  nike air max 90 em cheap provision to say, we say, the same children in the study, and why our children can not have the same opportunities to college  » Chen Yiguang memories. Later, their views have been adopted by the competent authorities, to amend Act: If you had talked to the Government for non-school forms of education, documented, you can participate in college entrance examination.Thereafter, on the basis of the aforementioned success stories, led by the private sector officials and the public to interact more and more frequently in Taiwan had become the official legalization Homeschooling mainstream sound, and even the government allocated public funds to support it.In June this year, the Taiwan through the « Advanced Secondary Education Act » clearly states, high school education to allow the existence of non-school forms, and indicate there are individuals, groups of individuals and individual institutions handle three kinds of ways. In addition, more clearly

 defined, the home schooling « into the range of the government’s public financial assistance. »"The government grants this thing is a big step forward, because in the past, they feel that home schooling is the national provision of public education, it means you do not come to school to give up, and now there are very different ideas from the past. » Chen Yiguang nike air max 2013 mens trainers representation.Currently, Taiwan’s Homeschooling is completely legalized, mainly audit system. To sponsor authorities only provide a learning program book, after a preliminary examination submitted to the consideration of the Committee set up by this Committee met to discuss the vote decision.And this master the « reins » of the Commission’s staff composition, the very diverse and reasonable. In accordance with the law, employers must consider the committee should include parents, teachers, educators and other

stakeholders, in particular, for himself or for their children must have been involved in experimental education of the parents, and the ratio can not be less than the total number of 2/5. »Our own people have come, then pull one other person, basically every case will be over. » Chen Yiguang said with a smile, he himself is a member of the Bills Committee. According to its introduction, this year there are more than 400 pieces of Taipei application by a ratio of 99.7%. »This is a national tube child, or parent this child tube « If you turn nike air max 95 uk womens their eyes to the wider region, difficult to find, homeschooled in more and more countries and regions to become an important supplement school education. »By 2010, the United States has more than two million of basically homeschooled children, accounting for U.S. K12 (Note: refers from kindergarten to Grade 12 education, internationally accepted generic term for basic education stage) to 3% of school-age children -4%, « the U.S. National Institute of Family Education Chairman Brian (Brian D.Ray)

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