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Chen Yiguang said with a smile

government policy changes. »We began to talk education authorities seek to amend this  nike air max 90 em cheap provision to say, we say, the same children in the study, and why our children can not have the same opportunities to college  » Chen Yiguang memories. Later, their views have been adopted by the competent authorities, to […]

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vision and knowledge as well as six aspects of daily

 homeschooled children with other peers will be a normal school life artificially new balance 576 online separated, limiting their peers with more normal contacts, to some extent, give her children the psychological barrier and affect their early socialization. »Report » revealed in a study on the effectiveness of homeschooling assessment questionnaire designers will be divided into learning mathematics […]

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this expenditure alone is not a small number

students learning and scholarship applications an important reference.) nike air max 95 360 sale And a variety of application materials, her goal the United States at several schools. Yang Peng’s son is also preparing to take the exam, because when reading the classic Western « Bible » took a lot of interest, he wanted to apply for Harvard […]

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the United Kingdom permanently settled Chen Yiguang

  « Illegal educational institution » ordered to stop. »We have more than one child, in order to solve this problem, China’s home on academics often went to the home school, mini-schools, it is necessary to face a real problem, because you are a school, just like the current conflict with the administration greater. « Yang Dongping said.Taiwan experience: […]

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then how can a high income Its logic itself is not

  requirements, Taiwan’s education stand it authorities can only open a previously closed nike air max 1 sale gate door.In 2004, Taiwan’s legislature revised the « National Education Act, » provides for national education stage can handle « non-school forms of experimental education. » But education authorities to take contradictory down approach, the specific regulatory responsibilities to the various […]

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